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Model 1313 box type manual sandblasting machine

Model 1313 box type manual sandblasting machine

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Ningbo xin ZhiHuan machinery equipment co., LTD is a sandblasting surface treatment industry has "brand of professional manufacturers, specializing in the production of all kinds of sandblasting machine manual, automatic sandblasting machine, shot blasting machine, sandblasting, shot blasting machine, a full set of accessories accessories, sandblasting abrasive, abrasive blasting of scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales, in recent years, ningbo xin ZhiHuan machinery equipment co., LTD., put forward the high standard, The slogan of the new demand! The use of extremely rich and leading sales publicity mode, with the constant update of stable quality products, scientific internal management and perfect after-sales service, has been the new and old customers support and praise.

At present, Ningbo Xin Zhihuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Main products are:

Manual sandblasting machine, sandblasting machine series, automatic sandblasting machine, sandblasting machine, water/liquid environmental sandblasting machine, mobile open sandblasting machine, sandblasting machine, derusting caterpillar automatic sandblasting machine, conveyor automatic sandblasting machine, rotating disc automatic sandblasting machine, chain type automatic sandblasting machine, rolling basket of automatic sandblasting machine, sandblasting room and other automation equipment.

Shot blasting machine series: caterpillar type shot blasting machine, hook type shot blasting machine, through the type shot blasting machine, and other various shot blasting line.

Sand blasting machine accessories series: various types of sandblasting gun, all kinds of materials boron carbide nozzle nozzle, double inlet air spray gun/single inlet air spray gun, sandblasting gloves, sandblasting pipe, protective clothing, air control sand valve, Thomson sand valve, pipe wall sandblasting device and various domestic, imported pneumatic, electric components.

Sand blasting abrasive series: glass beads, emery, black corundum, brown corundum, white corundum, black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide, alumina, stainless steel shot, alloy steel shot, aluminum shot, plastic sand resin sand, nylon sand, zirconia sand and other sand blasting abrasive.

Air compressor series: all kinds of domestic and imported air compressors, cold building dryers, gas storage irrigation, precision filters and other similar equipment.

Professional: external sandblasting processing.


Ningbo Xinzhihuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Widely used in machinery, auto parts, locks, electronic clocks and watches, glasses, hardware tools, molds, glass, ceramics, wood carving, stone gravestone carving and hair, plastic products, arts and crafts, medical equipment, heavy industry rust removal, ship anticorrosion, old parts renovation and other industries, Can remove the casting blank, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment and machining parts of the oxide scale, residue and burr, glass three-dimensional engraving, spray and other processes.

Application field: suitable for all kinds of large metal processing parts, 3D printing products, copper parts, aluminum parts, stainless steel, plastic products, acrylic light words, iron parts rust removal, mold, hub, etc., suitable for 60-70 cm or so of the workpiece.

1. The machine design is novel, practical and practical, are improved after more than ten years of experience in the use of customers, simple and strong structure, low energy consumption. 2. The machine has a vacuum cleaner, can continue to use the abrasive and useless small dust separation, vacuum cleaner air volume is adjustable, so it can reduce the loss of abrasive. 3. The main parts of the machine are made of high quality materials with long service life.

First, power access requirements 380V three power supply, access line for three four lines, the total power of the equipment is 1.6KW, when the power access, please ensure that the basket rotation direction is clockwise. The power supply of the machine is 220V single-phase power, and the total power of the machine is about 0.4-1KW. Two, the air source access to this equipment requires that the normal working pressure of the air compressor is 0.6-0.8Mpa, the flow rate is more than 1.0m3 / min, the external intake pipe should not be less than 12MM in the inner hole; Tracheal joint can not use stainless steel fast connection-peg, this kind of joint inner hole is too small, lead to insufficient gas supply, sandblasting artifacts pressure to drop resulting in sand blasting effect is not ideal, into the dry air supply shall ensure that, in order to avoid abrasive be affected with damp be affected with damp, caused by abrasive without the bottom of the liquid drop less than three pancratium, leading to absorb less than sand, sand tube at the bottom of the sand blasting gun not sand. A. First, pull out the rubber plug at the bottom of the equipment, check whether there is any residual iron filings or dirty things inside, and clean it up. B. Turn on the power switch, the lighting lamp is on, and the dust suction fan is started. C. Open the door of the working cabin and add abrasive directly from the mesh plate (about 6-10kg for the first time). Remember to pour it in slowly. The sand in the machine is used up and then added, about 6-10 kg each time; Put the parts to be machined on the mesh plate and close the working cabin door. D. Insert the work gloves with both hands, hold the spray gun in one hand and the workpiece in the other, and aim the spray gun at the workpiece to be sprayed. E. Gently step on the foot switch, the compressed air is opened into the spray gun, and the abrasive will be ejected to the spray gun according to the set injection amount from the bottom of the machine's triangular bucket, and sprayed to the processed workpiece surface at high speed under the action of compressed air. F. In the process of sandblasting, on the one hand, it is necessary to maintain the appropriate spray distance and Angle between the spray gun and the workpiece, on the other hand, it is necessary to make the relative movement of the spray gun and the workpiece, so that the workpiece surface uniformly receives the abrasive jet processing, until the desired effect is obtained. G. After the completion of processing, the foot must be removed from the foot switch, the spray gun stops spraying abrasive, can open the door of the working cabin, take out the workpiece. H. If you still need to continue processing parts, there is no need to turn off the dust blower and lighting power. I. Disconnect the power supply and air supply after stopping working.













喷砂机系列:手动喷砂机、全自动喷砂机,水/液体喷砂机,环保型喷砂机,移动开放式喷砂机,除锈喷砂机,履带式自动喷砂机,输送式自动喷砂机,转盘式自动喷砂机,链条式全自动喷砂机,滚篮自动喷砂机,喷砂房等自动化设备。广泛应用于机械、汽摩配件,锁具、电子钟表、眼镜、五金工具、模具、玻璃、陶瓷、木雕,石材墓碑雕刻打毛、塑料制品,工艺品、医疗器 械,重工除锈,船舶防腐,旧件翻新等行业,可清除铸件毛坯、锻、冲压、焊、热处理及机加工零件的氧化皮、残渣和毛刺、玻璃立体雕刻、喷花等工艺。

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